Fire at Shelf Road Nov 2011

The Shelf Road fire map_800x562At 17.33 on Tuesday 8th November we got a page to turnout to a bush fire ‘below the pub at the Shelf’. The pub in question was St Bernards Hotel. Shortly afterwards a further page said that only one medium was needed. John H (TM2), Kent and Neil came in 52. Roger (TM1), Paul (TM3), Geoff and Robbo came in their own vehicles – they live quite close to the fire.
As shown on the map, the fire was in three timber piles (each similar to the one we burnt off recently at Main Western Road). When we arrived, two urban trucks and a team of firies were extinguishing the two piles, A and B on the map, nearest to the road end. Several of our members and TM52 went up the gravel track to the third, smaller pile, C on the map, which was also burning. In the event no action was taken to extinguish that burn. The property owners were present on site. Fire risk was low.
It turned out that all three fires had a permit and were being burned in accordance with the conditions of that permit. The relevant details had been called in to Firecom earlier in the day. It seems that a local resident was alarmed by the amount of smoke and made a 000 call. It all went from there and the fact that it was a permitted burn was missed. TMRFB members were back by 1900.
The good feature of this was the prompt response of the Brigade and the fact that sufficient members turned out to have crewed all three trucks had that been necessary.
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