Finding Website Content

This website is designed to gather content assisting management and operations of the Brigade. We have been mindful of the principle that good content also needs multiple tools for users to find that content according to their own style of web usage.

These are content finding tools used in this website:

  • Traditional Menu:
    • A top horizontal menu is available where hovering your mouse cursor on an item will open available sub-menus.
  • Search Boxes:
    • Our Site Search: In the top right you can see this search box which uses the native search tool from our website software (with some enhancements) to search most of the content in this website. When the search results are displayed, you will see additional options for narrowing your search.
    • Google Custom Search: Below the horizonatal menu is a large search box tailored by us to use the Google Search power across our preselected websites that have information relating to bushfires and emergency services. Please try this one as it is very powerful and targeted to finding content on issues relating to Rural Fire Brigades. Try a search for “tanker” & “safety” words together.
  • Key Words:
    • Tag System: In the left coloumn you can see “Content Word Cloud” which automatically chooses key words most used in our website articles. The webmasters are also progressively adding key tag words to each article that indicate a topic in the article. These tags are also displayed below each article and can be clicked on to find other articles with that tag.
  • Thought joggers:
    • Additional tools are used in the left coloumn to display Most Popular, Latest Articles & Most Read that may also be of interest to the user.
  • Videos:
    • The Brigade uses the YouTube, Vimeo & other services for its display of RFB related videocontent that may interest you. From time to time we check for interesting Rural Fire Brigade related videos and display some in the Video menu. We welcome suggestions for other like videos to display. You can go direct to the provider website by clicking on their logo with each video rendered in this website..
  • Picture Galleries:
    • The Brigade uses the Google Picasa Gallery service for its photograph collection. Many albums are public and a few are restricted to members. You can use the Galleries menu item to access a rendering of those Albums within this website.
  • Databases:
    • Under development
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