Esme Street Burnoff

by John Robertson

At 0800 on Thursday 28th August a team led by Roger (TM5) comprising Rory, Neville, Geoff and Robbo  set off in 52 and 51 for a burn of two timber stacks at Keith Dipplesmann’s property on Esme Street. The main stack was large but Keith had formed an excellent earth break right around it. A very special palm tree was just by the edge of the stack and had to be protected.

Conditions were near perfect for the job with humidity about 90% at first and still over 70% when we finished. In the sheltered location the wind was almost zero. Rory (who else!) took the drip torch and lit the stacks. When required, we used small jets of water into the heart of the fire to control flame height. It all went like clockwork and, after a welcome tea or coffee at Keith’s shed where Neville also received a cheque as a donation to the Brigade, we went back to the Station. The fires were still glowing brightly but were safely contained. It will take a day or two for them to burn through the heavy timber. Water use was about 100 litres total between our two trucks so no refill was needed. In all other respects they were re-commissioned thoroughly. We stood down at 1100 after a job well done in a relaxed but very competent manner.

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