Docu-drama at TMSHS

by John Robertson

At 08:30 on Friday, 15th June TM51 with Neville, Rory and Robbo aboard left to help with the Docu-Drama at the State High School. This is an annual event and the Brigade regularly takes part in a minor support role. This year was a bit different. When we got to the Urban Station only Captain George was there and he was very pleased to see us. Two of his guys were on attachment to Logan and others were engaged elsewhere. We went directly to the school oval and set up the wrecked car ready for its occupants. We also gave the organiser a radio to contact us. Then we went and waited by the entrance to Holt Road where the Urban truck, the Police and the hearse also arrived.

When the students from the senior class were all gathered and the ‘passengers’, suitably injured, were in the wrecked car the organiser, Barrie, called the rescue services to the scene. We arrived promptly with flashing lights and sirens at full blast. The scenario was that five teenagers in an old car had crashed killing one girl and badly injuring two others. The ‘driver’ was almost unhurt. The Police arrested the driver (who was being vehemently abused by the least injured passenger), the hearse carted off the ‘dead’ body and the Urbans got going in rescue mode cutting a trapped ‘passenger’ out of the car. Our guys had to deploy and operate the hydraulic pump for the cutting tools. We also had to provide emergency care and generally comfort the ‘injured’ – normally the ambos role but Paul has prepared us well. All the car’s occupants were pupils at the School and were made up most realistically to simulate injuries. Their acting ability, including the ‘dead’ pupil, was superb. The Ambulance and the Rescue helicopter were also scheduled to be present but both were called away to real accidents. That and the shortage of Auxiliaries accounted for our Brigade’s much greater involvement than usual in this event.

Afterwards there was a debrief and questions from the students in the School Hall. Rory gave a very telling answer to a question about counselling after a bad accident. Finally a chilling and silent DVD showed how several drivers, all quite sober but all in a hurry, came together in a multiple fatality. The students certainly got the message and hopefully it will last. A formal vote of thanks was given admirably by two of the senior students.

The event ended with excellent tea and eats in the staff room. A very worthwhile morning!

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