Cliff Action

Nobody believed the pager call to "500m west of the showgrounds". "That’s Biddaddaba", said one. Robbo and TM1 were first on scene in private vehicles. From Main Western Road it looked like smoke coming over the western cliffs from a burnoff in Echo Valley. However on closer inspection, red stuff was indeed spotted on the shelf itself. Our two heroes abandoned the ute and went to the edge on foot to get a better look. The northern flank was heading down a gully into a bog. No problem there. The eastern flank was extinguishing itself. No problem there. The southern flank however was pushing along nicely with no handy control lines. By this time TM2 and B1 arrived in TM41 followed shortly by David O and Big John Fisher.  David and TM2 grabbed a layflat and set about the southern flank while John took over radio duties. Nev’s dulcet tones announced his arrival at the station base radio. Eventually Jo arrived to replace David on the southern flank team. David joined Robbo and B1 on the north and western flank mop-up crew. The sons of the local landed gentry arrived with 400 litres on their ute which was expertly Case 3’d into TM41. TM1 shot off to the station to get TM51. The rest of the incident was all about mop-up which was particularly dirty and perilous because of the proximity of the cliffs. TM1 had many changes of undies and took a roll of photos. Standdown 1715ish with barely time for a shower and a feed before Wednesday night training.

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