Cedar Ridge Fire

by John Robertson

With the recent change to very dry westerly winds fire risk in our area has risen markedly and the result has been a number of bush fires. Whether these have been ignited naturally or by human hand is another matter. The Auxiliaries have been paged to the fires on the Mountain rather than our Brigade. At a small bush fire by Contour Road TM52 did a good job as a tanker for the Urban truck fighting the fire.

At 1700 on Saturday 14th July our Brigade was paged to a bush fire off the Tamborine Oxenford Road at Cedar Ridge in the Gold Coast area – Coomera Valley RFB. This was a good call in that it is much nearer to us than to CVRFB. All three of our trucks attended with full crews. Earlier this year and with his customary prescience Paul had done a training exercise with us in the exact area of the fire. The fire was burning downhill from the rough track which presently serves the intended Cedar Ridge Estate. (Bush fires in our area have a remarkable tendency to starti by the side of isolated roads or tracks.) The site is very rough and steep which made it tough for those on the branches and also made subsequent hose recovery heavy going.

Initially TM52 with Paul and Darryl attacked the northern flank of the fire while TM41 with John (TM1) and Robbo attacked the southern end. When TM52 had used all its water TM51 with Ken, Neville and David took over. The hoses, rubber with a layflat extension, being used by 52 were left in place and coupled up to 51. 52 then re-watered at the nearby tank and likewise took over from 41 whose water was empty. By 1930 the fire was effectively extinguished and we proceeded to make up and restore the hoses to their original trucks. Then a short de-brief on site and we headed for home. Stand down was at 2010.

As so often in that location radio comms were tricky but we were ably assisted by Tony on Base radio and John F on Station radio. TM1’s summing up; “a good little fire to start the season”.

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