Cedar Creek Rescue

At about 1400 on Sunday 12th April 2014 a page came to turnout to assist with a rescue of a person who had fallen at Cedar Creek Falls.
Maria, Torben and Robbo responded in TM81. This was an incident which called for bodies, not firefighting capability.

At the Creek a young man had fallen onto the rocks and severely damaged his head and shoulders including cracking his skull. A QAS ambulance was on site to help him. The Auxiliaries were there and did the hard yards of rescue. To get the man to the ambulance needed vertical rescue and then a fairly long carry by stretcher up the narrow steep path to the car park. The incident was remarkably similar to “Rescuing with QAS” – which the Brigade attended at Cedar Creek Falls in December 2008.

While the Auxiliaries did the rescue work we were assigned to stop vehicles up at the main road and prevent them going down to the Falls and adding to the congestion. We must have spoken to about 200 drivers. The objective in this role is to ensure that no one slips past (and no one did) but at the same time maintain good relations with all the drivers. In this we were successful and our to and fro with the vehicles were always amiable on both sides. Drivers are usually very cooperative if approached correctly.

As always Maria made sure that we drank sufficient water and stayed in good shape. New member, Torben, did a first class job.

We were back in the Station by 1530 with a task well done. Peter Mason thanked us in his usual generous manner which was much appreciated

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