Busy Weekend

Last weekend there were three events which called on our resources.

On the 12th July there was a callout for a fire at Wongawallen. This was caused by a 4WD vehicle getting into trouble with the result that it caused a fire, which was far too close to houses for comfort. For the vehicles owner it was an expensive lesson as the vehicle was a total write off. It should serve as a sobering reminder of what can happen when a bit of fun turns serious.

Later that same night this was followed by a second fire down at Pacific Pines that kept crews going most of the night and required further monitoring for most of Sunday.

The third fire occurred at a well known establishment close to the hang gliding area. Apparently hot ashes were dumped on a mulch area and the result was fire. The fire reignited the next day and both Rural and Auxiliary fire units were called on to deal with the situation as it had the potential to become a serious incident.Eventually, after a lot of effort the fire was put out but serves as another lesson of what can happen if proper care isn’t taken with the remains of that cosy fire that was enjoyed the night before. Always dispose of ashes in a responsible manner.

In the same vein of potentially dangerous actions that people take, we have to touch on the responsible disposal of garden waste.There are too many incidents on this mountain where people think that it is okay to tip waste over into the park or reserve behind their properties, and they must be aware that this is both dangerous and illegal.

The Rural Fire Brigade will be patrolling, and any example of this will be recorded and subsequently reported to authorities for further action. Always take your garden waste to the council’s disposal area on Knoll Road. The council waste disposal if free for residents and should always be used.

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