Burnoff Main Western Road

by John Robertson

Training on the evening of 23rd July was very realistic being a permitted burn of two timber piles down the slope just off the western side of Main Western Road. Roger, our newly appointed TM5, was acting First Officer for this burn. Our three trucks with full crews took part with 51 and 52 each taking care of one of the piles and 41 stationed further up the road as an early warning for traffic. It was a copy book operation; the piles were thoroughly burnt, no embers escaped into the adjoining bush, a south-easterly wind kept smoke off the road and the ashes were well and truly extinguished with foam before we left. Several of the members present were FM1 candidates and it was first rate experience for them as for all of us. Before returning to the Station the trucks refilled with water from the hydrant at Keswick Road. This is an effective, 200,000 litre water source although it can be a bit hard to find in the dark. A really good evening ended with a de-brief at the Station by Roger.

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