Breakup Report

by Olle Bakker 
Wednesday the 14/12/05 saw the support staff and all members of the Tamborine Mtn Rural Fire Brigade hold their X-Mas shindig (Grog free this one though).
Resident Firey DJ Olle Bakker tried to spin the tunes but limited music and varying age groups made a tough audience.
Being relieved halfway through the night a game of Knapsack Slalom was conducted splitting the party goers into 4 teams and trying to weave a plastic ball round witches hats.
When a lot of us maybe realised that we may have 2 left feet (speaking maybe for myself here) the game changed to Knapsack Soccer, holding the whistle firmly in his grasp was ex inter-service referee John "Mitre 10" Heydon.
Congrats to all.. mind you a few line calls were a bit dubious.
Once again can’t be a party without food, so thanks once again to the support staff the all the "one day when I retire from being a firey, I shall dabble in being a chef"
Couldn’t ask for a better night if you paid me, so once again thank you all for your efforts and tumultuous times over this year and see you all in the New Year.
Stay safe and regards to your family.
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