Beacon Road 1 – 2012

DERM, the Department of Environment and Resource Management, are planning to carry out a controlled burn around the northern end of Beacon Rd and along the northern edge of the escarpment, to minimise the potential for a future wildfire affecting the adjacent residents. As part of the planning, and to establish an expected burn rate, we were asked to assist with a small burn on the western side of the road, which we carried out with Wil, Maria, Kent, Ron, John F, Greg and Roger.
With ideal conditions of a very light westerly breeze, temperature 18 degrees, dew point 5 degrees and fairly dry undergrowth, we lit the burn from the road at 1000 and let it burn quietly downhill at about 10 meters per hour. That rate slowed with the steeper grade so we ended up burning the remnants from the lower track and cleaned up from 1400.
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