Arson Scenario

by John Robertson

On the evening of Wednesday, 1st August Paul had an arson scenario for us. A cunning arsonist aimed to get a big fire going in the green waste dump and hence spread into the surrounding bush. To ensure that our Brigade was otherwise engaged he first had three of his little mates set off lesser fires at Panorama Point and at the end of Beacon Road and Mystery Road.

In response to those earlier fires 41 (Rory and Manuel), 51 (Shane, Malcolm and Brendan) and 52 (Barry, Neville and Robbo) set off for Beacon Road, Mystery Road and Panorama Point respectively. In each case the team gave a sitrep on the fire and took the correct action to extinguish it. It was not all straightforward. 52 found that although our key fitted the NP padlock well the hasp was so corroded onto the body of the lock that it would not open. Over the radio John F produced the answer; a good dose of drip torch fuel. It worked a treat. On Mystery Road TM51 came upon a recently abandoned car which looked as though someone might be getting ready to torch it. The Police were called and took charge.

Then we were called to the fire at the green waste dump. 41 was first on the scene and Rory was the Incident Controller. He organised the trucks in the various tasks needed to stop the fire and its potential spead due to ember spotting. Suddenly he saw flames coming from the dump. There was a real fire! Our guess is that this was careless rather than malicious with someone putting still red hot material into their load of waste but had we not put it out it would surely have spread in reality as predicated in the scenario. The final item had 51 and its crew doing a ‘flash over’ drill. This too had a twist to its tail. The passing fire was assumed to have destroyed the tyres on 51 so that it had to be towed to safety. This was done very capably by 52 which then refilled 41’s tank and itself refilled at Kidd Street.

After a de-brief at the Station we headed for home at 2200. Another top session from Paul.

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