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Our Area

We are situated on top of a mountain plateau left after the erosion of part of the Mount Warning volcanic eruption 22 million years ago, which formed many of the landforms around South East Queensland. Surrounded by primarily national subtropical rainforest but also state forest, other areas of conservation and Canungra Army Barracks, Tamborine Mountain is a roughly rectangular plateau of about 28 square kilometers with quite steep surrounding slopes and cliffs.

Our landscape provides a challenging environment for fighting fire; there is a substantial network of fire trails to enable access into the flanks of the mountain, but the steep terrain can be unrelenting and requires every call to be treated with the utmost respect. Limited hazard reduction burning helps to mitigate some of this risk but only a small portion of the land is managed through regular hazard or prescribed burns. Home owners are encouraged to be on the front foot, by maintaining their property to the guidelines set by the Rural Fire Service and also having a Bushfire Survival Plan in the event things get out of control, a very real risk with several damaging fires through our community over the years which you can read more about in our history.

While we train as much as we can and run scenarios to prepare, there is no guarantee we can stop a fire or provide protection to your property. We chose to live in this beautiful part of the world but we must respect it and the destructive power mother nature can unleash. As lovely as the Australian bush is, mother nature enabled it to burn and many species of eucalypti drop tons of bark over and around them. To burn. That may help with germination and spreading the seed. The Blue Mountains are called as such due to the Eucalyptus oil in the air which is highly flammable, we have a lot of Eucalyptus forest around us which under severe conditions is near impossible to fight, the biggest threat is that bark becomes airborne and causes spotting fires many kilometers from the main fire front. Make sure you are aware of the risks and have a Bushfire Survival Plan in place which you can find on our website or please call us to learn more.