About the Brigade

The Tamborine Mountain Rural Fire Brigade was re-formed in 1980 as a community response to the problem of bushfires on the flanks of our mountain.

In this, our 25th year, despite the enormous encroachment of development, the Brigade is still actively involved in the suppression of wildfire in our district, as well as the various other responsibilities of a modern volunteer fire brigade – hazard reduction, community education, firefighter training, and assistance with large fires at shire, state and national levels.

Funding for the brigade is largely provided by the community, in the form of fundraisers, raffles, events and donations. Some income is derived from the shire in the form of a rural fires levy on landholders in our district. Unfortunately, our rural fire brigade district is sparsely populated, so this avenue is of limited benefit. Finally, the brigade receives a substantial subsidy from the State Government for critical items such as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and vehicles.

As an I-Zone Brigade, we are increasingly finding ourselves working alongside our brothers in red, the local Auxiliary or "town" brigade. We have developed an enviable working relationship with the Auxiliaries and are continually seeking ways in which to improve the mutual support we provide at fires of all descriptions.

Finally, although we are all volunteers, we take enormous pride in performing as a highly-trained, professional team, and we are always striving to improve our service to the delightful community of Tamborine Mountain.

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