4 August 2016

Management Meeting

4 August 2016


present: Malcolm, Greg, Chris, Maria, Judy, Geoff, Amanda

apologies – Matt


meeting opened 7.06pom


matters arising from previous minutes:

  • in relation to the capital expenditure for 52 pump: Kaye Healing is still to advise Greg of the approval process as the systems. Greg advised that we can go ahead with the 41 Reel

motion to pass the minutes: Greg. Second by Judy. All agreed


Correspondence inwards:

  • QFES volunteer ID cards (see discussion in Agenda Items below)
  • QFES fuel card system (see discussion in Agenda Items below)
  • Standing Order – Operation Unified 2016 – read, discussed and tabled in minutes
  • Standing Order – Operation Cool Burn 2016 – read, discussed and tabled in minutes
  • GWN black spot survey – 9 locations were identified as a concern during a training exercise. There has not yet been any response from QFES regarding this issue

Treasure’s Report: tabled in the minutes

  • the local government levy is due in September
  • Current balance of the main account is $62, 889.65
  • reviewed capital expenditure items, including:
  • replacement pump to fill collar tank: $6578
  • high pressure pump for 52 (see matters arising from minutes) – $27,000
  • drone program – $300
  • VCE activities – $7000
  • replacement and repair of chainsaw and other equipment – $3000
  • Malcolm proposed that $40,00 be put into a term deposit at the end of August. This was seconded by Chris. All agreed. There was general discussion about upcoming expenditure for the replacement collar tank pump and the drone funds. However, with the September levy deposit, there would still be enough money in the account for this expenditure.

First Officer’s Report

  • no updates from the brigade Meeting held 5 July 2016.

VCE report

  • Open Day was a huge success. Geoff estimates 800 people attended including many children. All agencies worked well together. There was discussion about the costing for reusable banners and the invoices that have already been submitted. The brigade bears all the costs associated with the event but $7000 had been allocated for VCE activities and so the expenses were covered. Greg suggested that the expense of such an event was warranted. Al l agreed that the money was worth spending and that the day was a success.

Supporter’s Report

  • Judy presented some fundraising ideas considering the craft show will only be held once a year (see discussion at Brigade Meeting 5 July) and then maybe not at all after 2017. Judy and Robyn have brainstormed several ideas that are worth continued exploration.
  • Mother’s Day event at the Bowls Club – high tea and other activities to attack the local mums
  • Father’s Day event in October
  • various facilities were discussed including the Bowls Club, Zamia, VYCC
  • Malcolm suggested a musical evening as they had been successful in the past. There is potential for this event to be held in 2017.
  • Judy is to continue to explore all ideas
  • Judy also raised the issue of the supporters’ shirts. Greg indicated that the new shirts are still a work in progress.
  • Judy also flagged that some supporters were concerned that they were not emailed regarding the last round of market parking. It was agreed that supporters would be emailed before each market parking event as they are avid supporters but not present at the Tuesday training night to indicate their support.
  • Amanda to send out an email prior to 14 August market parking

Agenda Items

  • volunteer ID cards: An email and instruction leaflet was sent out to all brigade outlining the process for volunteers to obtain a volunteer ID card. At this point, it would be a very time consuming task for our brigade due to the numbers involved. There was some discussion about whether we needed this card, given that we have our own card the outlines a person’s position and has an expiry date. This lead to a broader discussion about the amount of paperwork that seems to be required by Regional Office and it is becoming increasingly difficult for volunteers to stay on top of it all. In the future an administrative person may need to be employed. Therefore, it was agreed by all that we would retain our own system for the foreseeable future and ensure that members’ cards are up to date.


  • An email was also issued regarding the upcoming fuel card system implemented by QFES. This brigade receives funds from Council that goes towards such expenses. To alleviate the problems with the local service station accounting system, our Book keeper is looking into getting Caltex and Shell fuel cards for all trucks. If we maintain our own funding arrangements for the time being, we can still apply for funding from QFES in the future. Geoff raised the issue of QFES forcing us to use their funding and not Council’s funding. However, Greg advised that the email sent through from David Heck (tabled with minutes) advises that brigades can join at a later stage. For this brigade, the use of Caltex and Shell cards overcomes many issues we face at a local level. These cards can be set up as a direct debit to alleviate any further paperwork for Malcolm. It was agreed by all that we should wait until further instruction from QFES regarding this matter. Greg would email Janice regarding the go ahead for acquiring fuel cards.


Other Matters arising


  • petrol station closure: discussion about the upcoming closure of the Main Street petrol station as they undergo renovations was required as refuelling would be a concern. Nigel Waistell indicated that the closure could be as long as 4 months and no immediate notification was required before work began. Nadia O’Carroll is going to investigate what other options exist in terms of the storage of fuel etc. She will report back to the brigade in due course. There was some discussion about notifying Regional Office once the works begin as the absences of a petrol station would be an issue if a major event was to happen on the mountain during the course of the renovations. Greg would manage that communication.
  • training matters – an upcoming chainsaw training course to be run by QFES has been cancelled. This is a continuing problem with much needed courses being cancelled at the last minute for a range of reasons. Greg is in negations with local chainsaw trainers to run a course for our members.  Amanda to email firefighters to determine level of interest that will then dictate how many course will be required.
  • Maria and Amanda to organise a turn out room clean out in the near future. There are items of PPE and general kit that are not named and perhaps not needed.

meeting closed at 8.31pm



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